My Husband Wanted a Security System

My husband loves anything to do with electronics. I don’t know if that is a guy gene or what, because my brother and two cousins are the exact same way. His latest fascination about a year ago was CCTV systems. We live in a nice neighborhood, so I just did not see the need to go out and buy an expensive security system. We usually have this conversation many times with whatever electronic device he wants to buy, because he would buy everything if he could. However, this time was different. He told me he actually had valid reasons for wanting one, so I did sit down with him to hear him out.

He told me that while we do live in a safe neighborhood, crime has been creeping closer and closer with each passing year. I had to admit that he did have a point. Just because there was no crime within a few miles of us did not erase the fact that it was getting closer, even at a slow pace. He also showed me an article he had read about crimes from a criminal’s point of view.

Many had stated in the article that they would not even begin to touch a house that had a security system installed. Their main purpose is to get in and out without being observed. Having a CCTV system kind of defeats their purpose. They want to leave no evidence behind, especially their faces captured on a security camera. I had to admit that it made sense, and we do have three young children. Knowing that this would help protect them even more made it very easy for me to agree with my husband. I had to laugh when he went online to start shopping for one, because he was like a small child in a candy store!

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