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Generic Ventolin possible side effects

Generic Ventolin or Albuterol may have some side effects during its intake, but it depends on your health condition, the dosage and how you take it. Stop using the Albuterol medication and seek emergency help in case you experience any signs of allergic reactions that may be the sign of an overdose. After you buy Generic Ventolin online, you need to know that the possible allergic reactions as part of the side effects of the medication due to the intake of the Albuterol or Generic Ventolin, there are hives, difficulty breathing, as well as swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

If you feel any of the following symptoms and side effects, please call your doctor immediately:
bronchospasm which can be characterized by means of wheezing, chest tightness, as well as trouble breathing; chest pain and fast, pounding, or uneven heart beats; tremor, nervousness; low potassium which brings to confusion, uneven heart rate, extreme thirst, increased urination, leg discomfort, muscle weakness or limp feeling. The other side effect that may occur during the intake of Generic Ventolin is the dangerously high blood pressure that is usually resulting in severe headache, blurred vision, buzzing in the ears, anxiety side effect, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, uneven heartbeats, seizure.

There are also some less serious side effects that are also important to tae into consideration, as follows: headache, dizziness, nervousness; insomnia; cough, hoarseness, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose; dry mouth and throat; muscle pain, as well as diarrhea side effects. Generic Ventolin side effects are not necessarily occurring while you take the Albuterol medication. Ventolin side effects that have been presented in this article may or may not occur while you use the drug, however, you should notify your healthcare specialist immediately or look for emergency help once you feel any of Ventolin side effects mentioned.

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